The App.

Through the App, linked with your My_SmartBottle, an analysis is done of your liquid intake based on which your hydration can be managed. Your App will send you messages when you need to drink more (or less!).

In the App you’ll be able to see how you’re doing so far; how many perfect days/weeks/months you’ve had… and even when you cheat and are not using your My_SmartBottle but a regular, boring glass; you’ll be able to register this in your App. This way your My_SmartBottle will continue to manage your hydration perfectly as always!

Over the next couple of months the My_Team will expand the library in the App to enable a detailed analysis of other liquids than water as well, such as sports drinks, shakes… After all, My_SmartBottle is capable of measuring your liquid intake, regardless of whether your drinking water or another drink! That’s only one (!) of its unique advantages compared to other smart bottles currently available in the world.

Bieke Bekaert